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kong ride by lehuss


kong ride by lehuss


Fennel & Orange Sugared Brioche


Fennel & Orange Sugared Brioche



An innovation aiming to improve everyday lives of the visually handicapped | People for Smarter Cities



Source for more facts follow NowYouKno


Source for more facts follow NowYouKno


Buying for the love of Math? - Logos with golden ratio

Here are some of the most popular brands which have used the golden ratio (φ) to induce the perfect harmony and balance in their logos.

National Geographic
Remember the yellow square in the National Geographic logo? Have you ever wondered why that simple logo appears to be so appealing? The answer is, as you might know, the Golden Ratio! The length and width of the square have a ratio of 1.61. It is quite fitting for an organization with a motto of “inspiring people to care about the planet” to have a logo based on the golden rectangle.

The new logo of Pepsi has been much simpler and effective, characterized by spare, pure design. It looks intriguing and beautiful. Almost like a laughing emoticon in red and blue. But did you know that the underlying backbone of the Pepsi logo follows the golden ratio? The Pepsi brand is created by intersecting circles with a set proportion to each other. And, the proportion: Golden Ratio (φ).

Apple is one of those very few companies that do not have the company name in their logo. Yet, the Apple logo is one of the most recognized corporate symbols in the world. The logo is perfectly balanced, and the outlines that map the logo are circles with diameters proportionate to the Fibonacci series. Did Rob Janoff really considered the Fibonacci series while designing it, or is it a coincidence? Well, somebody needs to ask Mr. Janoff. Interestingly, in a different context, in an interview, Rob Janoff said, “… and years later you find out supposedly why you did certain things. And, they are all BS. It’s a wonderful urban legend.”

Another product from Apple, and again a masterpiece of design. The ripples on the cloud are made up of circles whose diameters are proportional to the you-know-what number. Also the containing rectangle, as shown below, is a golden rectangle. In fact, most of the Apple products, ranging from ipods to iPhone are golden rectangles. These amazing Apple designers!

BP is one of the world’s leading international oil and gas companies. They launched their new logo in 2000. What appears to be an attractive logo, however, turns out to be formed of concentric circles, again proportional to the Fibonacci sequence. Is it a mere co-incidence or a planned execution?

The logo of Toyota consists of three ovals. “The two intersecting ellipses are intended to represent the customer and the product… and the importance of that relationship”, according to an e-mail from Mike Michels, VP of Communication at Toyota Motor Sales USA, Inc. “The outer ring represents the world and the global nature of our business.” On a closer look one can easily find a grid based on φ in their logo. The phi-grid is formed by gridlines at certain separation – the separations being in the ratio of the golden ratio φ.


Don’t discount the remarkable human adventure that is modern science because it doesn’t console you.


Lawrence Krauss, A Universe From Nothing (via whats-out-there)

I don’t see how science could not be consoling. The human adventure has and always will be survival. We’ve needed one another to survive, and together, we’ve constructed tools which have aided in our ability to adapt, thrive, and enjoy being alive by understanding more about our environment and life itself. All of this we’ve gained through our innate curiosity and pursuit of knowledge to which we call science. Remaining in the dark about who, what, where, when, why, and how you are would be the loneliest and most discomforting life to endure. Carl Sagan said it best: Science is a candle in the dark.

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Twix Cookies



Twix Cookies


Whenever I’m really doubting myself I just think about how Guinness went from this, having a head tilt so severe that he couldn’t even walk or stand upright and had to be force fed

to this, against pretty much all odds and after being told by the vet that the head tilt would most likely be permanent


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A Coloring Book For Grown-Ups Captures The Beautiful Horrors Of Adulthood

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